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Progress Update: Finishing the Pool House

This is what the Sunset Green Home pool house looked like two weeks ago today...

And here it is this sunny morning...

So how did we get from there to here in two short weeks?  

With a lot of hard work by a well-coordinated group of different trades.  Here's a summary of our progress over two weeks:

It started with our plumbing and electrical inspections, which had to be completed before the walls could be closed.  Note that the plumbing inspection went off without a corrections required, thanks to the good work of John M Kubisa Plumbing & Heating.

As soon as the inspections were done, Cary Insulation arrived on site to install CertainTeed's SMARTBATT insulation in the walls and ceilings.  If you've been following our blog, you know we've written a lot about indoor air quality.  In an earlier post, we highlighted Sunset Green Home's application of CertainTeed's FortiCela mold inhibitor that is sprayed onto the interior wall cavity after framing and sheathing is complete and before insulation is installed, to prevent mold growth on structural framing surfaces.  SMARTBATT is another product Sunset Green Home is using to minimize the potential for mold-producing moisture-related problems within the pool house walls.  With an integrated smart vapor retarder, SMARTBATT blocks moisture from entering a wall cavity when humidity is low inside the walls, and allows the wall to "breathe" when it senses humidity within the cavity. 

After the walls were insulated, Chris Mensch's crew from Coastal Management started installing M2Tech moisture and mold resistant drywall, and Type X fire-resistant drywall, also manufactured by CertainTeed. They spackled and taped all of the seams.

And that gets us to where we are today...with the tile subcontractor installing a "mud" bed (mortar) and wire mesh - the ideal underlayment for tile because of its stability and support characteristics - which we'll need this week when we start to install a large format 24" square City View porcelain tile on the pool house floors.  

Check back with us for updated photos when the floor is installed next week!

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